AI Photo Editor

Create amazing and vivid effects and styles on your images

What can Gooey's Photo Editor do:

  1. It can add amazing styles and effects to your base image

  2. Use the base image as a reference to create images

  3. Help you imagine many ideas on your simple sketch or older image

What it can't do:

  1. Remove your background. Try this tool instead:

  2. Change or correct just a tiny bit in the image

  3. Remove your ex!!

This tool is great for artist to create iterations on top of their sketches!

Step 1 : Choose your image

Choose an image that you want to improve or change See the example below:

Step 2: Upload

Upload the image to the Edit an Image with AI tool.

Step 3: Add a prompt

Think of the style and look that you want for your picture and add it to the prompt section:

You can use the prompt below:

an art deco house near a beach, beautiful sunset, A beautiful anime drawing full of joy, with colorful background, studio ghibli, ponyo, anime, excited, anime, saturated colors

Step 4: Hit Submit

Hit submit and watch your image change magically!




Choose the model you would like to use. We recommend use the default "DreamShaper" model for crisp and detailed images.

More about the various models is available here

Control Net

Control Net adds an additional layer of control over the image that is uploaded for AI editing. You can chose multiple controlnet based on the look you need.

Additional References

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