Lip Sync Animation Generator (WITH AUDIO FILES)

AI-powered lip-sync in seconds!

There are use cases for many companies to use Audio files instead of Text-to-Speech. This is especially useful if you:

  1. Already have a large content library of high quality voice overs

  2. Want a specific voice that AI can't produce currently

  3. Have a higher need for a realistic voice for your brand loyalty

Audio files vs AI generated Audio

Audio File with Human Generated SpeechAI Generated Speech



Realistic and accurate voice

No production/recording cost

Brand consistency is high

Faster iteration for brand if changes are needed



High production cost (voice actor, recording and mastering)

Robotic Voice, can be inconsistent

Slower turn around time

Harder to add intonation. E.g. stressing on certain words or saying things with a particular emotion

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How do you use Lipsync Animation generator in Gooey.AI?

Step 1

Prep your avatar video or photograph. Here are some pointers when choosing your image:

  1. Make sure the media is high-resolution

  2. Ensure it clearly shows all the features of your talking head

  3. The image must be cropped up till bust height

  4. Use only human faces

For this example, we have used Alfred Hitchcock! 🐦

Step 2

Upload your audio file. This can be in .wav/.mp3 format.

Note: Use shorter pieces of audio, to ensure high quality lipsync with low-latency and minimum distortion.

Our workflow allows for multilingual lip-sync. Try our hindi example below:

Step 3

Hit “Submit” ☄️🚀

Try it here:

Advanced Settings

Face Padding

You can use the “Face Padding” settings to improve the accuracy of the detected face in the image/video. This ensures that the Lip Sync video looks more realistic.

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