Create an AI Image with text

How to create amazing visuals with AI

Step 1: Create an idea or visualization in your mind.

I want an image of an astronaut in a space suit walking on the streets of Mumbai.

Step 2: Think about your descriptors and break them down as follows:

  • What is the Medium of this image? eg. It is a painting, a sculpture, an old photograph, a portrait, a 3D render, etc.

  • What/Who are the Subject(s) or Main Object(s) in the image? eg. A human, an animal, an identity like gender, race, or occupation like a dancer, astronaut, etc.

  • What is the Style? eg. Is it Analogue photography, watercolor, line drawing, digital painting etc.

  • What are the Details? eg. facial features or expressions, the space, landscape, lighting or colors etc.

Step 3: Construct your prompt:

An analogue film still of an astronaut in a space suit walking on the busy streets of Mumbai, golden light on the astronaut, 4k

You can keep editing your prompt until you have your desired output. Consider AI generators as a collaborative tool.



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