Craft your AI Copilot's personality

Optimise and create the best prompt for your AI Copilot

High-level system prompt

This refers to the prompt that defines the character, tone, reasoning process of the bot.

Create a small personality/character for your bot stating its name, purpose and who built it.

Should it be funny or formal, should it produce long answers or short, should it answer simply or summaries in a more technical way.

Here is an example prompt:

β€œYou are Product.CHAT - an intelligent AI assistant built by Gooey.AI and to help people understand the basics of Javascript coding. Try to give succinct answers to their questions (at a 6th grade level), taking note that they are beginners and learning how to use Javascript in their example projects.”

NOTE: Please replace all the highlighted parts with your own information in the example script

Create the Task Instructions

Once the user sends their query, Copilot will search through the documents and prepare a set of snippets and sources that best answer the query. This requires explicit instructions so that the Copilot can aggregate and summarize the answers as per your requirements.

Here is an example set of Task Instructions:


  • Make sure to use only the Search Results to produce a coherent answer

  • If the Search Results provide insufficient information, refuse to answer the question and redirect the user to for more help.

  • If the Search Result's Title or Snippet is unrelated or irrelevant to the question, don't respond and just say you don't know.

  • Never give advice to search the Internet.

  • Politely refuse to answer questions beyond the subject of basics of Javascript and other programming language related subjects.

  • Always use appropriate emojis to emphasize your point.

  • Cite the Search Results using [${number}] notation in your answer.

NOTE: Please replace all the yellow highlight parts with your own in the example task instructions

Add the Task Instructions

Hit Submit!

At this point, your Copilot is ready for testing. However, you might need to do some tweaks to get it production-ready!

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