Generate “People Also Ask” SEO Content

By tapping into Google's "People also ask" section, this tool helps you discover the questions your audience is eager to find answers to. This workflow not only identifies related queries to your Google search but also delves into URLs you provide, extracting and summarizing all relevant information.

Why use this workflow?

With this approach, you can generate well-cited, authoritative content that boosts engagement and drives your SEO rank higher. Embrace the power of targeted content with simple yet powerful workflow.

How it works?

How to use the workflow:

  1. Head to the workflow:


  1. Add your google search query, in this example we have searched for “jon snow” the character from “Game of Thrones”. You can optionally search specific sites. Here we have used “

  2. Hit submit!

  3. Our tool will pull all the related google search questions, use the specific site to search and answer the related google search questions.

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