Deploy to Web

One-click integration for your AI Copilot

How to deploy on WEB


  1. Click on the Integrations tab

  2. Use the “Gooey.AI” button

  1. This will open the Web widget configuration page. You can add the following details:

    1. Name of the bot

    2. Description - this will be the introduction of the bot

    3. By line and website link

    4. Conversation Starters - add some introductory questions for the users

  1. Hit Update

  2. Test your bot here:

    1. Click on the “Message the bot” button and test the bot.

Once you are happy with performance of tests, you can Embed the bot in your production website with just two lines of code.

Select Embed Settings

Use the “Embed Settings” to choose between “inline”, “pop-up” or “fullscreen” modes for your chat bot.

Add the code to website

Copy the Embed code from the “Copy Embed Code” button and paste it into your website ```<body``` tag.


<div id="gooey-embed"></div>
<script async defer onload="GooeyEmbed.mount()" src=""></script>


Your COPILOT is ready for the world! 😀

Contact us at if you would like to connect your bot to a WhatsApp from Gooey.

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