What to do BEFORE You Build a Bot

Before you dive right in, here's a few things to think about

Identify your use case and value hypothesis. Where do you believe an AI bot may be useful? To which customers or people?

How will you measure the bot's value? Usually, that is:

  1. # of messages sent

  2. D1, D3, D7, D30 Retention of users

  3. Positive vs negative feedback from users

  4. % of questions asked by the user that were answered by the bot

Curate the knowledge base dataset e.g. documents, videos, PDFs, websites, and soon real-time data sources.

Create "Golden" Questions and Answers

Let’s assume a human expert understood all of the documents in the above knowledge base dataset and then one of your users asked the human expert a question; what ideal answer would you expect the human expert to provide? This is the Golden Answer.

  1. Collect 10 questions and the ideal Golden Answer for each

  2. The question should be captured in whatever form we believe the user is likely to ask it - e.g. in Bhojpuri as a WhatsApp audio note, mixed-Hinglish text, English text, and/or Tamil text.

  3. If non-English, provide the English text translation of the question

  4. The ideal “golden” answer in English text

  5. Collect the above as rows in the Excel or Google sheet.

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